These photos were recently found in a box in my fathers loft. They have been scanned and a certain amount of restoration work has been carried out. We are currently trying to identify all the subjects, but from what I know already you are looking at members of the following families:-

Fowler, Russell, Smallwood and Burnage (formerly Tinmouth-Burnage)

Great Grandma
(Fanny) Fowler
Mr and Mrs Smith
of Hawkhurst, Kent.
Rose and Frederick

Grandma Rose Tinmouth-Burnage Jim Burnage (Uncle)
Grandad Fred

Wyn Russell Great Grandma Fowler outside Penhallow Great Grandma Fowler
with Ruby the Dog

Harry Russell
at 14 Bockhampton Road, Kingston
Brian Burnage
My Father c.1945
Jim Burnage
My Uncle c.1945

Brian and Jim Burnage
c.1960s (left) and c.1950s (right)
Edith and George Smallwood We have not been able
identify these people yet

Fred Charman with Rose and Jim Burnage (in pram) Jim Burnage with Ruby the dog

Fanny & George Smallwood
With Harry Russell
Rose and Jim Burnage
Bob or Fred and Robert Fowler (standing)
Edith and Fanny (seated).

Rose Fowler
(Before marriage to Fred)

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